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T H E   P A C I F I C

Hula, Haka, Hoko!Hula, Haka, Hoko!
Traditional Polynesian dance music from Easter Island, Cook Islands, Tuvalu, Rotuma, Tonga, and Samoa.

Magic of the South SeasMagic of the South Seas
An anthology of music from Tahiti, the Marquesas, Tonga, and Fiji, including songs by Te Vaka.

Te Vaka's dynamic interpretations of Tokelauan music give a New Age twist to Pacific sounds.

South Pacific: Island MusicSouth Pacific: Island Music
David Fanshawe takes you from Tahiti to the Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Kiribati, and the Solomons.

South Pacific IslandsSouth Pacific Islands
Contemporary Pacific music by stars like Te Vaka, Matato'a, Telek, OK! Ryos, Whirimako Black, O-Shen, and Gurejele.

Spirit of PolynesiaSpirit of Polynesia
An anthology of 12 Pacific countries - over half the tracks are from French Polynesia and the Cook Islands.

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Bula Fiji BulaBula Fiji Bula
The music of the Fiji Islands, including famous song of farewell Isa Lei.

Music of the Fiji IslandsMusic of the Fiji Islands
The 23 traditional Fijian songs on this record will take you back to the islands.

New Hebrides Ritual & Custom MusicNew Hebrides Ritual & Custom Music
Traditonal songs recorded on Ambae and Maewo in northern Vanuatu in the 1970s.

Solomon Islands: Sounds of BambooSolomon Islands: Sounds of Bamboo
Bamboo band music was invented in the Western Solomons in the 1920s.

Spirit of MelanesiaSpirit of Melanesia
Music from Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea.

Viti LevuViti Levu
Twenty examples of real Fijian music, from Isa Lei to Bula rock, plus four Indo-Fijian pieces.

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Music from Rabi, the new home of the Micronesian Banabans of Ocean Island.

Spirit of MicronesiaSpirit of Micronesia
Chants, hymns, dances from Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, Yap, and Palau.

Spirits of the VoyageSpirits of the Voyage
Island chants and songs woven into the New Age soundtrack of a documentary.

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T A H I T I   &   F R E N C H   P O L Y N E S I A

Air Mail Music: TahitiAir Mail Music: Tahiti
A great collection of old fashioned string band music by several artists.

All-Time Tahitian FavoritesAll-Time Tahitian Favorites
Twenty-three classic Tahitian and Tuamotu string band songs.

Coco's TemaevaCoco's Temaeva
Founded by Coco Hotahota in 1962, Temaeva has won more prizes than any other professional dance troupe.

Drums of Bora Bora and Songs of TahitiDrums of Bora Bora and
Songs of Tahiti
Thirty-two drumming examples from Bora Bora and Tahiti, and Tahiti and Tuamotus singing.

Heart of TahitiHeart of Tahiti
Twenty top Tahitian tunes by stars like Charley Manu, Yves Roche, and Eddie Lund.

Les Grands Ballets De TahitiLes Grands Ballets De Tahiti
These 14 numbers convey the magic of Tahitian dance music.

Little Brown GalLittle Brown Gal
Twelve examples of the drum music of Tahiti by Toti's Tahitians.

Melodies des AtollsMelodies des Atolls
Twenty outstanding Tahitian songs from the 1950s in the Tahiti Belle Epoque series.

Music From the South PacificMusic From the South Pacific
Some hot drumming and ukulele playing by the Tahiti Here musical group.

Rapa ItiRapa Iti
Haunting choral singing of ancient songs by the Tahitian Choir on Rapa Iti.

Rapa Iti, Vol. IIRapa Iti, Vol. II
Harmonious choral singing and chanting from remote Rapa Iti in the Austral Group.

Royal Folkloric TroupeRoyal Folkloric Troupe
Features Coco Hotahota's Royal Folkloric Troupe of Tahiti, renowned for its original choreography.

South Pacific DrumsSouth Pacific Drums
A compilation of 39 of the best percussion recordings in Manuiti's archives.

Tahiti DancesTahiti Dances
A good collection of ukulele and drum dance music from Tahiti and Bora Bora.

Tahiti: Dream IslandTahiti: Dream Island
A selection of songs and rhythms which accompany most traditional Tahitian dances.

Tahiti Kaina PartyTahiti Kaina Party
Twenty-two examples of typical Tahitian kaina or string band songs.

Tahiti, the Gauguin Years: Songs and DancesTahiti, The Gauguin Years:
Songs and Dances
A classic collection of old Polynesian songs.

Tahiti: Voices of ParadiseTahiti: Voices of Paradise
The surf is heard crashing on a beach in this collection of melodic Tahitian songs.

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O T H E R   P O L Y N E S I A

Afo O E Ofa: Strings of LoveAfo 'O E 'Ofa: Strings of Love
Twenty-three examples of Tongan string band music, plus a guide.

Chants from the Kingdom of TongaChants from
the Kingdom of Tonga
A collection of 28 Tongan songs from British ethnomusicologist David Fanshawe.

Drum Beats of the Pacific Rarotonga, Cook IslandsDrum Beats of the Pacific
Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Includes a 22-page booklet with lyrics, translations, and drumming instructions.

Drums, Songs and Chants of the Cook IslandsDrums, Songs and Chants of the Cook Islands
The Cook Islands National Arts Theater performs songs from all around the Cooks.

Easter IslandEaster Island
Traditional string band music of Rapa Nui by Tararaina.

Fa a Samoa: The Samoan WayFa'a Samoa: The Samoan Way
Between conch shell and disco, this 29-track collection takes a serious look at Samoan music.

Music of Oceania: Samoan SongsMusic of Oceania:
Samoan Songs
An unusual collection of age-old music from independent Samoa.

Te Pito O Te Henua: End of the WorldTe Pito O Te Henua:
End of the World
Thirty-two songs from Easter Island with a written introduction to the music.

Tuvalu: A Polynesian Atoll SocietyTuvalu:
A Polynesian Atoll Society
Another serious collection of 32 traditional songs, accompanied by scholarly 12-page booklet.