Calendar of Events: JULY TO DECEMBER

AS American Samoa
CK Cook Islands
CL Easter Island
FJ Fiji
NC New Caledonia

NU Niue
PF French Polynesia
PN Pitcairn
SB Solomon Islands
TK Tokelau

TO Tonga
TV Tuvalu
VU Vanuatu
WF Wallis and Futuna
WS Samoa


July Nadi Bula Festival festival FJ
July Tahiti Open Golf Tournament sporting event PF
July Tokerau Singing Festival festival CL
first half of July Heiva i Tahiti festival PF
first week in July Heilala Festival festival TO
July 4 Independence Day public holiday AS
July 7 Independence Day public holiday SB
July 12 Crown Prince's Birthday public holiday TO
July 14 Bastille Day public holiday NC, PF, WF
July 16 Manu'a Cession Day event AS
third Sunday in July International Marathon sporting event NC
July 24 Children's Day public holiday VU
July 26 Rarotonga Gospel Day public holiday CK
July 29 Territory Day festival WF
July 30 Independence Day public holiday VU
end of July Te Aito Outrigger Canoe Race sporting event PF
end of July Te Maeva Celebrations festival CK
August (to top)  
beginning of August Te Maeva Celebrations festival CK
August National Children's Day public holiday TV
August Noumea Jazz Festival event NC
August Suva Hibiscus Festival festival FJ
a Monday in early August Labor Day public holiday WS
August 1 King's Birthday public holiday TO
August 4 Constitution Day public holiday CK
August 15 Assumption Day public holiday CL, NC, PF, VU, WF
August 15 Hahake Day event WF
mid-August Bourail Agricultural Show event NC
mid-August Tahiti Agricultural Fair event PF
September (to top)  
September Lautoka Sugar Festival festival FJ
early September Teuila Festival festival WS
first Monday in September Labor Day public holiday AS
September 18 Independence Day public holiday CL
September 19 Army Day public holiday CL
September 24 New Caledonia Day public holiday NC
October (to top)  
October Hawaiki Nui Va'a Canoe Race sporting event PF
October L'Aitoman de Moorea sporting event PF
early October Tuvalu National Days public holiday TV
October 5 Constitution Day public holiday VU
first Saturday in October Round Raro Road Race sporting event CK
second Sunday in October White Sunday event WS
Monday after White Sunday Children's Day public holiday WS
second Monday in October Columbus Day public holiday AS, CL
Monday or Friday around October 10 Fiji Day public holiday FJ
mid-October Moso'oi Tourism Festival festival AS
October 19 and 20 Constitution Days festival NU
fourth Monday in October Peniamina Day public holiday NU
October 21 Hurricane Day event TV
October 26 National Gospel Day public holiday CK
end of October Carnaval de Tahiti festival PF
late October or early November rising of the palolo event AS, FJ, WS
October or November Diwali public holiday FJ
November (to top)  
November 1 All Saints' Day public holiday CL, NC, PF, WF
November 1 All Souls Day event CK
November 4 Tonga National Day public holiday TO
first Friday in November Arbor Day public holiday WS
November 11 Armistice Day public holiday NC, PF, WF
November 11 Veteran's Day public holiday AS
fourth Thursday in November Thanksgiving public holiday AS
November 29 National Unity Day public holiday VU
December (to top)  
early December Gizo Festival of the Sea festival SB
December 4 Conception Day public holiday CL
December 25 Christmas Day public holiday all countries
December 26 Boxing Day public holiday CK, FJ, NU, SB, TO, WS
December 26 Family Day public holiday AS, VU
December 28 Boxing Day public holiday TV
December 31 Tupakapakanava event TO