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Be sure to pick up a copy of the Cook Islands News, published daily except Sunday. Its stories on island affairs really give you a feel for where you are, and local happenings are listed.

The Cook Islands Herald is a weekly paper published every Wednesday on Rarotonga. The Cook Islands Times is a weekly paper published on Monday. The Cook Islands Sun is a free tourist newspaper published in New Zealand.

On Rarotonga, Radio Ikurangi KC FM broadcasts over 103.3 MHz from 0530-2400 with overseas news at 0600 and 0700. The FM station can be difficult to pick up on the south side of Rarotonga, but Radio Cook Islands at 630 kHz AM can be heard anywhere on the island (and even on nearby islands such as Mauke in the evening). This station, the Herald, and Television Cook Islands are owned by the influential Pitt family.