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Commercial Visitor Attractions

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1000 the Cultural Village, on the back road in Arorangi, enthusiastically demonstrates the Cook Islands history, medicine, cooking, arts, crafts, dances, and traditions during an informative three-hour program, which includes a lunch of local foods. Reservations through a hotel, travel agency, or directly by phone are required.

Another attraction accessible weekdays at 1000 is Highland Paradise (admission includes a light lunch), a private botanical garden where old marae and other historic sites are scattered among the vegetation. The steep access road begins a km south of the Cultural Village. The Arorangi people lived up here before being moved down to the coast by the missionaries.

An Eel Trap

Eels are found in the swamps and the lakes of Atiu, Mitiaro, and Mangaia; the locals catch them in traps or with hooks. The eel traps (inaki) are made of bush vines woven in long basketlike form which the eel can easily enter but can not get out of. Pieces of chicken, crab, or bee's wax are used as bait.