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Cook Islands Travel Guide

Dangers and Annoyances

When stepping out at night or choosing a place to stay, women should keep in mind that sexual assault is not unknown here. There's safety in numbers. Scanty dress outside the resorts will cause offense and maybe trouble.

To go to church women should wear a dress with long sleeves and a hat, while men need long trousers and a proper shirt.

Be aware of petty theft, particularly if you're staying somewhere with young children running loose. Don't leave things unattended on a clothesline or the beach and keep your shoes in your room at night.

Try to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, as dengue fever epidemics have occurred on Rarotonga in recent years.

Lagoon pollution has led to the appearance of the ciguatera toxin in reef fish around Rarotonga. Sea fish like tuna are not affected.