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Alofi Beach
Small catamaran fishing boats provide a ferry service between Tutuila and Aunu'u Island.

Getting Around

Inter Island Airways operates to Ofu and Ta'u in the Manu'a Group twice a day. No flights currently operate between Ta'u and Ofu. The 19 seats on these flights are often fully booked a week ahead, so inquire early and try making a telephoned reservation well in advance, if you're sure you want to go.

Carefully reconfirm your flights every step of the way. The baggage limit on flights to Manu'a is 20 kilograms. Be aware that flights to Manu'a can be canceled at a moment's notice if there are weather issues or even not enough paying passengers.

Inter-Island Shipping runs a supply vessel, the Manu'a Tele III, to the Manu'a Group, a seven-hour trip. The schedule variers weekly but there are often trips on Thursday. The 40 passengers to Ofu and Ta'u are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. In 2004 a new ship, the MV Sili, entered service but it's unable to go to Manu'a as the harbors there are too small for the ship to turn around.


Pago Pago International Airport (PPG) is built over the lagoon at Tafuna, 11 km southwest of Fagatogo.

Transport to town is US$1 by public bus or US$15 by taxi (agree on the price before and be sure you have exact change—the drivers never do). Public buses stop fairly frequently in front of the terminal (except on Sunday or after dark). The car rental windows in the terminal open for flights from Hawaii, provided they have some bookings. Avis and Sir Amos Car Rental are represented here.

There's no tourist information desk or bank at the airport (bring U.S. dollars in cash). The shops in front of the airline offices at the airport sell expensive handicrafts, cheap ice-cream cones, sandwiches, and coffee. These shops open and the buses start running at 6 am, but the airline counters don't open until 8 am. The duty-free shop is in the departure lounge.

The restaurant at the airport serves filling American-style meals at reasonable prices. Watch your tickets and baggage tags carefully when you check in here, as the agents will happily book you through to wherever or strand you. The passenger facility charge (PFC) is usually included in the ticket price.