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Fagatogo Bus Station
Village buses at Fagatogo Bus Station, Tutuila.

Getting Around

For an American territory, bus services on Tutuila are extremely good. Family-owned aiga buses offer unscheduled service from Fagatogo to all of the outlying villages. You can flag them down anywhere along their routes, and you bang on the roof when you want to get off.

Not all the buses are marked with a destination, however; also, there's no service after 1600 on Saturday, and very little on Sunday or after dark any day. Bus service begins at 0400 to get workers to the first shift at the canneries—useful if you have to catch an early flight. No standing is allowed, so the rides are usually a lot of fun. Most buses play blaring music.

Bus fares are very reasonable. You pay as you leave and it's smart to carry small change: Ask someone how much the fare should be before you get on and just pay the exact amount. It's under a dollar for a trip anywhere in the congested zone from the canneries to the hospital, a dollar to Tafuna and the airport, and under two dollars to Leone, Amanave, Fagamalo, Avaio, Fagasa, Aoloaufou, or Tula.

Service from Fagatogo to Leone is fairly frequent, and you can change buses at Leone for points west. Change at Pavaiai for Aoloaufou.

The bus across the island to Vatia leaves from in front of Da Mak Restaurant at Fagatogo market about once an hour.

Taxis are expensive and it's important to agree on the price before getting into a meterless taxi anywhere on Tutuila. You'll find taxi stands at the market and airport.

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