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American Samoa is a poor place to shop for handicrafts, and many of the items sold at the airport shops and elsewhere are imported from Tonga.

Tropical clothing and lavalava can be a good buy here, and those long puletasi dresses make unique souvenirs.

Forsgren's near the Office of Communications in Fagatogo has nice Samoan T-shirts and cut-rate clothes at some of the best prices in town. It's always crowded with nonresident Samoans who make the long pilgrimage from Apia just to shop here.

Tedi of Samoa sells Samoan fashions and Reebok shoes in their Hawaiian-style store across from the courthouse in Fagatogo. While other local stores sell Chinese products, Tedi has mostly American-made clothing and sportswear but fewer bargains.

Spencer's in Pago Pago also carries inexpensive clothing and luggage. Downtown closing time is inconveniently early at 1600 weekdays and 1300 on Saturday.

The Transpac Corporation, next to Rubbles at Nu'uuli, has books on the Pacific. Tropik-Traders, near Transpac in Nu'uuli, is the place to pick up a mask and snorkel, compact discs, and gifts.

In general, American Samoa is a cheap place to shop for consumer items because importers pay only 3 percent duty and there's no sales tax. Neighboring Samoa has a 12.5 percent sales tax and double-digit duties.

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