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Continue west to a red fire hydrant opposite a store, where a road runs up the hill into Happy Valley. On this side road, you'll pass several WW II ammunition bunkers on the left before the road swings left and leads to a large concrete bunker used during WW II as a naval communications headquarters.

You'll need to ask permission before approaching the bunker as it is inhabited by two families with a third family living in a new house built on top.

The National Park Visitor Center (open weekdays 0800-1630, admission free), at Pago Plaza was destroyed by the tsunami of September 29, 2009, and has moved to Ottoville. It contains a small collection of Samoan artifacts, seashells, coral, maps of American Samoa, and photos of the park. You can ask to see a brief video, and the friendly staff will answer questions. Their free brochure is excellent.

At the west end of the harbor is Pago Pago village, this area's namesake, and around on the north side of the harbor is the Marine Railway, which provides maintenance and repair facilities to the fishing fleet. The tuna canneries are nearby.

Starkist FactoryTo visit the Thai-owned COS Samoa Packing Company, ask security at the cannery gate to let you to speak to someone in the personnel office who may be willing to set a time for a tour. They'll want to know who you are, where you work, and why you wish to visit, and photo ID will be required. Only persons wearing shoes and long pants are allowed inside the plant. StarKist, the world's largest tuna processing plant, is less amenable to visitors. These plants process a thousand tons of tuna a day, filling a thousand shipping containers with canned tuna each month, all of it bound for the United States.

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