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The Nu'uuli Place Cinemas, a.k.a. Wallace Theaters, in Nu'uuli, screens recent Hollywood films in two halls. The admission is reduced before 1800 and on Tuesday. Shows are at 1300, 1600, 1900, and 2100.

Bingo is played nightly except Sunday from 2000 in the former bowling alley behind Pago Plaza. Huge traffic jams ensue when the bingo is finished as everyone tries to leave at the same time.

Evie's Nightclub, at the Motu O Fiafiaga Motel in Pago Pago, has a spacious dance floor with karaoke on Wednesday nights and a nice crowd of chain-smoking locals. Co-owner Duke Wellington plays Tutuila's only grand piano. The purse seiner guys tend to stand at the bar and cause trouble among themselves under the watchful eye of the mountainous bouncer.

Sadie's Lounge has happy hours weekdays 1630-1800.

All of the places mentioned above except the bingo hall have strict dress codes in the evening. The drinking age in American Samoa is 21.

A good drinking place out beyond the airport is the Country Club, next to 'Ili'ili Golf Course.

On Alega Beach between Lauli'i and Avaio villages is Tisa's Barefoot Bar and Grill, subject of a number of magazine articles about a certain fertility tattoo on the proprietress. Tisa's is open on Sunday and you can swim and snorkel here—a good place to go that day. Call to find out if they'll be serving the traditional Sunday barbecue lunch and make a reservation. Also ask about the umu feast Wednesdays. "Tisa's jungle hop," a guided 2.5-hour hike through the rainforest to a waterfall behind the bar, is fun, and Candyman also does a six-hour "ironman" hike into the deep bush if a few people are interested. Soak up the atmosphere while enjoying a Vailima beer.

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