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The National Park (open weekdays 0800-1600), in Pago Plaza, has a homestay program of accommodations with village families in Fagasa and Vatia at around US$45/60 single/double including food. These rates are not set by the National Park, which only acts as a liaison between visitors and host families. It's a great way to meet people and get a firsthand experience with the fa'a Samoa. Be prepared for huge meals with lots of meat and breadfruit, friendly people, little privacy, free rides around town, outdoor showers called "watertaps," and remote locations. The Samoans are warm, hospitable people, and if they like you, you'll immediately become part of the family.

The Scanlan Motel occupies a cockroach-infested wooden building across the malae from the Fono Building in Fagatogo village, just down from the ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank. The eight basic rooms with bath and two without bath are slightly cheaper than the competition, but frankly, they stink and the whole place is slowly deteriorating. A 24-hour laundromat is downstairs.

Tisa's Barefoor Bar
Tisa's Barefoot Bar on Alega beach.

Tisa's Barefoot Bar, at Alega Beach on the southeast coast between Lauli'i and Avaio villages, has a fale sleeping four right on the beach. The rates include breakfast and dinner, with pillows, mosquito nets, and mats provided. If the main fale is occupied, a second smaller fale off the terrace is available. There's running water, and Tisa's is in a secluded location away from the village. Bus service is fairly cheap and frequent.

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