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Aunu'u Island

There's a single village on Aunu'u Island off the southeast end of Tutuila, but no cars.

Catamaran alia fishing boats shuttle across to Aunu'u from the small boat harbor at Auasi. This costs US$1 if you go with the locals or US$5 if it's a special charter just for you (as will be the case if no other passengers are around).

Go over first thing in the morning and you shouldn't have any trouble getting back. Don't come on a Sunday, though, as the locals don't appreciate palagi picnickers that day. Camping may be possible (with permission).

Aunu'u's eel-infested Red Lake in the sprawling crater is difficult to approach. Cliffs along the south coast and thick bushes make hiking around the island heavy going. Aunu'u's notorious stretch of red quicksand at Pala Lake is fairly close to the village, but you may have to wade through a swamp to get to it. The taro swamps just behind the village are easier to see, and a walk around to the new elementary school reveals an appealing slice of island life. At Ma'ama'a Cove on the east side of the island, waves rush into "the teacup" with much splashing. It's picturesque, but don't swim here.

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